Why & How To Monitor Your Online Reputation

The following post is from Robin Texeira, an Associate of Wide Angle Communications.

If you are a hospital PIO or administrator, you probably keep pretty close tabs on your hospital’s reputation in the local community. You read your local newspaper, talk with your peers, solicit feedback from staff and carefully monitor information released to the public. Your job’s done now, right? Absolutely not. If that is all you are currently doing, you have a gaping hole in your reputation management policy.

According to IDC, a marketing intelligence firm, the use of social networking applications is predicted to increase 815% by 2009. Use of social media is continually evolving from the personal to marketing applications and customer service. There is really no better reason to monitor your reputation than this. There are a lot of people talking about service and somewhere in those conversations, at some point, your hospital’s name is going to be mentioned.

A simple Google search can reveal much about your hospital. A recent search on a local hospital turned up, on the first page of results, an article on the increase in the salary of the hospital’s CEO. That may not be the first piece of information you’d like to share with your community. To protect your reputation you need to know what you look like online. You need to monitor what is being said about your hospital and your staff.

Pretty easy right? Just plug your name into Google and see what turns up. That’s a great first step, however, there is far more available on the Internet and simply monitoring Google isn’t going to tell you all you need to maintain and build your online reputation. What a quick Google search will tell you is that there are a lot of reputation monitoring services available today. How do you make a choice?

Let’s take a short commercial break for a bit of shameless self-promotion. There is only one reputation monitoring service that brings 25+ years of healthcare experience to the table. Wide Angle Communications recently introduced RMS – our Reputation Monitoring Service.  When you’re talking about maintaining your hospital’s reputation, you want to work with a company that understands the special needs of hospitals. Our customized report provides you with the tools to analyze your online presence and make necessary changes. Take a look at our site and tune in next week when we’ll look at how to use your report.


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